I realised...
I don't think,

I need to grow up to realise,

This time that I'm going through

Is the best time in my life,

Even if future holds me

A better life or not.

It is true when my parents said,

Get a job, make money and live happily.

I'm over the moon everytime,

When I realise I got great parents.

They did and are still doing

The best for me.

They did and still praying for

Me to have best life.

Little do they know

That I'm praying for their best

Than they are doing and praying for me.

I always wish to have them

Beside me healthily like today forever.

It may seem like attachment,

But more than attachment,

For me it's love.

I love them more than they think.

I like to see them grow

Mentally and healthily

With all the happiness in the world.

I'll do anything to keep them

Stress free in their life.

I cherish each and every moments

I spent with them.

I don't regret anything

They said to me.

It was all for my goodness

And will be same in the future too.

My life and my health that

I owe to that Supreme Self

Is what I'm greatly grateful for.

So is the case in my parents too.

How good is our life

Sailing smoothly with their presence.

Even if they yelled at or nagged me,

It was all for my good.

They always knew

Life wouldn't be easy in this planet,

If we believe in someone else

In the name of love.

Knowingly or unknowingly

All those suffocation that I felt

In childhood

Now ended up making me

The best version of myself.

I learnt to live for inner satisfaction.

With all their grace,

And me leading my life gracefully

Is making me very easy

To maintain peace in my life

At the end of the day.

Because now, it's unnecessary for me

To have someone to be with me

Inorder for me to balance my life,

Or keep myself serene,

Or maintaining my mental tranquility.

I'm grateful for them always and forever.

I always wish I want them beside me forever.

I always love them forever.

Like someone said,

'Days are long

But, years are short.'

So let me be the best daughter for them always.

I want these moments and vigorousness

To stay with us

Always like today.
© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️