Truth Of The Mirror

Truth of the mirror is to never trust it,
Coz it never tells the truth, isn't it?

It makes you see your worth externally,
It shows you the color of your skin, actually.

Don't depend on the mirror of how you are,
Because it doesn't show you how good you are.

Never trust a mirror for it never tells the truth,
Can it show you your heart which is quite cute?

Never trust a mirror for it always lies,
It doesn't show you how sleep shuts your eyes.

Does it show you how satisfied you are,
When you enjoy what you do? Truly bizarre!

It doesn't capture you smiling,
When no one else is seeing.

Never trust a mirror, for it always lies.
Can you see within the heart that sighs?

For it only shows your fair skin,
That doesn't dictate your worth,
You must look within.

© Sunita Pathania

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