Night Walker
I step into the night air salivating
at the feeling of intense energy
rising through my body while
hearing the whispers of the wind
howl through my soul transforming
into a melody that glides across the
rays of the neon moon shifting the
heat from my body to the passion
burning within my eyes

I stalk my prey with cold instincts
mentally tasting the iron in the
blood of deceit bathing in the
radiation of ultra violent impulses
while analyzing each limb searching
for the break in design crouching
and sneaking with a star lit gaze
cutting Into the flesh with laser
focus snarling with aggression

I pounce and begin gouging the
life from each section draining
the blood feeling it flow through
me and fill my heart as I devour
the body of chaos and slip into
the pelt wearing it as armor while
picking my teeth with the bones
crushing them to dust awaiting
the next victim smiling with hunger

I awaken to a beautiful sunrise
and begin washing the remains
from my foundation feeling the
blue sky seep into my skin creating
waves in my heart lifting me into
clarity molding my compassion into
a passionate trait while painting my
future in shades of an absolute
© 2023