submitting all to him.that FUTURE.
I submit to you lord the one who can make a man whatever he can be today.
planning for a better tomorrow doesn't make a man a better person of his own will or from a unrestrained efforts but by that saviour who serve as the future who hold on to the key of grace for every man who seeketh for his grace.
submitting everything to him including the slightest phrase of your life,resting assured for his hope for a better future,placing your life into his bare hands ready to receive,keeping on with the promise of faith not being anxious and being chasten by things you will love to achieve in a twinkle of an eye or in a main time just to be what you can possibly be In a dreams you are ready to catch up with.
"why being anxious of tomorrow since tomorrow itself is eager for it own self."
leaning on the rock of faith,hope and confidence by his word I learn to submit everything to him,that future.
© favor Of God