I wrote that

You didn’t write that…
Why would you write a piece like that?
You know it’s not right…
You know you shouldn’t write it…
You mean….
Don’t ever write that again…
She didn’t write that..
It’s not her…
She’s supposed to write happy stuff
Not about politics and racism
Other bull shit…
She didn’t write that..
She has been listenin to all that propaganda
Listenin to negativity…
Those angry black people…
She’s not that angry…
This isn’t her experience…
Her experience is ableism…
I don’t know where her ideas came from
Must be listenin to YouTube and other social networks…
Did she do her own research?
I don’t believe…
I don’t think she knows what she’s writin about
Or talkin..
She be just sayin stuff on paper….
Sayin words….
And that’s it…
She didn’t write these heavy deep poems
Someone told her to write them…
Someone has gotten into her head
I’m not sure who she’s speakin with…
But she needs to let that friend go…
A bad influencer….


Nobody told me to write these poems
I did my pieces on my own….
There’s no other voice that narrated my left handed pen…
Nobody controlled my thumbs to type the uncomfortable truths..
I am in power and I decided to write heavy deep poems…
Cos it needs to be said….
Nobody is listenin…
And i know exactly what I’m talkin about between full pages
What are you talkin?
I use my critical thinkin.. I don’t wanna entertain the ignorance….
I did write it
I wrote it..
Nobody told me to….
You can walk away not hearin me out
But not a soul who tells me what to write about…
Why do you have to assume someone who gives me somethin
To write about?
Do I have my own mind?
Do I have my own heart?
I write those poems for the same reason people breathe on earth….
What are you sayin?
I can’t write those poems
I should keep them to myself….
Ableism is not my only experience,
Racism is, too
You forgot that I am a black woman
You think black women in motorized wheelchairs
Don’t have the experience with microaggressions
With police brutality
With colorism
We also deal with sexism as well…
You can’t tell me I shouldn’t have a voice
I should be quiet
And talk about ableism
And that’s it
Or maybe i should be quiet altogether
And write poems about peace and harmony
Cos to you,
It’s not my area…
I can write whatever the fuck i wanna write…
It’s not your business it’s mine….
You ain’t gotta read my poems….
You ain’t gotta look at my pen my iPad
You don’t have the right to tell me
How I’m supposed to write….
I’m an honest poetess
A truth teller
Your emotions must be crushed
I put facts on the top table
And you don’t like it…
I don’t give a damn…✊🏿💯©️ Kai C. 4-25-24
© Kai C..