His green eyes...
My favourite color is still green
The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.
I still search for you in the crowd,
Holding on to false hopes that can't be found.
I'm screaming and screaming, so loud.
You can't hear it of course
I'm so weary and my voice is hoarse.
But you've never gave me and u a chance
It was all in my head but it felt so real when we dance...
Manifesting why you're leaving
And I say I must be cursed,
I should ask myself first
If I love you or you're just a crush
Maybe I should wait and not just, rush.
No one believes in infinity anymore,
Everything has to end and from waiting I'm sore
What am I even waiting for?
For you to catch feelings? Well I'm tired of giving signs
Every word you say hurts like stepping on mines
There was never a chance from the start
You're not for me and I'm not for you
But somehow I still can't forget you...