The Tango of the beat
Halt that foolish endeavor,
face your reckless ways,
toying with feelings, however,
thinking no price to pay.

In moments dark, storms appear,
as light as a dandelion's flight,
my heartstrings strummed, oh what a jeer,
from yonder sky to core so tight.

Tell me, why use such abuse?

Love's arrow, oh it flies with fiery might,
but if it misses its mark, what a woeful plight,
wanderer, you'll dance in love's cruel embrace,
a venomous wound, emotions it will

It tears the soul, this poisoned dart,
Mocks true feelings, scars, you see,
all that remains is to depart,
What's hidden, now revealed, as stars agree.

Tell me, why should I stay?

For someone will grasp the key,
forgot where it's placed, truth be told,
I lost it, my heart flies free,
misplaced to heal wounds of old.
They'll find it, and for me reclaim,
all unvalued, all left in flame.

So, one day, when we passed each other,
my look will be able to communicate,
than that heart that screamed: Wait!
is now the one who shouts: It's late!

© ValdorBellegarde