Dark Mirror Looking Glass/Reason To Live
Into the abyss I looked,
The depth of darkness left me shooked,
Oblivion I had hooked,
Upon mounds of shifting shades,
Once believed....where light fades,
Alas, I've found it's where champion's are made,
Some fall to the encapsulating darkness,
Some to madness,
Others to agonizing sadness,
Some find fuel for their dying light,
Some gain their unyielding might,
Some even find strengthened enduring fight,
Upon mounds of shifting shades,
Where my light almost fades,
My inner champion now reigns,
Unto abyssal dark mirror I look,
Certainly, to my soul's core it shook,
Oblivion I did hook,
From the beginning of today until it's end,
Unto you I send,
A reason to live and mend,
Take it from someone that pushed on,
That struggled and carried on,
On your heart these words are written upon,
A Silent_Emotion refusing to go quietly,
Seeping, creeping, caringly, and lovingly,
I write once more to inspire life,
Love always,
© -SE-