To the child in me🥺
Dear Little One,

Happy Children’s Day. This day is meant to celebrate the joy, innocence, and boundless wonder of childhood. But I know that your days have been shadowed by pain and confusion, marred by experiences no child should ever have to face.

If I could, I would reach back through time and hold you close, shielding you from the horrors that stole your childhood. What happened to you was unimaginably wrong, and it breaks my heart to know the burden you’ve carried in silence. You were so young, so innocent, and you deserved so much better.

You have shown incredible strength just by surviving. Your bravery, even in the face of such pain, is astonishing. It’s okay to feel the weight of sadness and anger about what happened to you. Your feelings are valid, and your pain is real. You did nothing to deserve this, and it was not your fault.

On this Children’s Day, I want to offer you the gift of hope. The world may have been cruel, but your spirit is resilient. Though your childhood was taken from you, your future holds the promise of healing and happiness. You are not defined by what happened to you but by the strength and courage you have shown in surviving it.

You are not alone. I am here, and I am proud of you. Proud of the strength you have shown, proud of the survivor you are. The road ahead will be difficult, but it will also be filled with moments of joy and peace. You deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way.

So on this Children’s Day, know that you are deeply loved and cherished. You are a beautiful, strong soul, deserving of all the good things life has to offer. Hold on to hope, because brighter days are ahead. You are stronger than you know, and your story is just beginning.

With all my love,

Your Future Self
© sosawrites