Love you Daddy!!...
When I was born..you hailed me,
And accepted me, with a great Glee.

You considered a boon..to my birth,
And my birth, gave you a limitless mirth.

You promoted me.. whenever I stumbleth,
Daughter is a curse, you proved false, this myth.

You addresses me..Your princess,
Your hand on my forehead, gives me bliss.

Your love is beyond.. earthly pleasure,
For me, your affection, I can't measure.

Daddy..none can love me more than you,
My life starts from you, that's also true.

To be your daughter..I'm really proud,
You are only trustworthy, in this fake crowd.

I'm fortunate to have you in my life...daddy,
Sacrificing anything for you, I'm ready.

First of all thnx a lot guys...to spent your precious time in reading it!!...I hope you liked it!!..
This I wrote for my daddy... he's my life...I can't imagine my life without him!!...Thnx a lot daddy for giving me such a beautiful life!!...I wish I'll be your daughter upto seven births!!...
You always stood there for me.. Always I got your support...thnx again for the love u gave!!...These words are nothing!!...Just have no words to describe you!!...You are my ideal...my inspiration...You are everything to me....😘

© Angelic_sweetie