101:10.5 The purpose of religion is not to satisfy curiosity about God but rather to afford intellectual constancy and philosophic security, to stabilize and enrich human living by blending the mortal with the divine, the partial with the perfect, man and God. It is through religious experience that man’s concepts of ideality are endowed with reality.

A nighttime chill, a super moon.
Today I’ll sing, I hope in tune.
The day holds promise, they all do.
Every day there’s good to do.

I join with others when I sing
We lift our voices, and hope they bring
Joy to those who hear them ring.
We try our best at everything!

To try your best to sing on key,
And join the chorus, and try to be
Productive in the choirs’s voice.
It all comes down to what’s your choice.

You can do it when you try.
Choose to follow God on high.
He has made you, don’t you know?
When you ask Him, He will show.

Faith in good, is all I ask.
The good God does, will ever last.
Everlasting when in tune.
The Song of God will be here soon.

Things are going to change in time.
God has a clock that chimes Divine.
A clock of rhythm in the river of time.
It pairs our hearts to God’s design.

Thank You Father, help me be.
There’s a better person inside of me.
I’ll try better, as I learn
To sing more notes, as I discern.
Paul Anderson

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