Will you hold my hand ?
I thought I could🎶 sing you
But then I realized that there are no words to describe you
Never thought of you
My day never goes by without thinking of you
I thought you feel the same way
But you don't know who I am
I thought I could forget you but I couldn't forget you
I thought I know everything about you
but,later I don't know anything about you
what , If I am not qualified to be your love 🍁
I am not qualified to be your love but , I will make your every day happy
No matter how you far away from me
but one day you and I meet🤙 It's a promise or fate you can decide
I want to see you everyday
I want to walk with you and holding your warm hands
I want your love❤ , jealous, anger
when will it all happen
I think I should wait more
I think they should all be happen in one place
That day I am the most happiest person in the world💫
All I want your love 💜

Thank you for giving your precious time to reading🙏
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