I never forget how we first met
That cold winter night .
I approach you with smile
And you ended the conversation.

After all this times pass by
You came around again
We became to know eachother,
You gave me so much attention,
You taught me how to love,
I never wanted to lose you .

But as time goes by-
Everything changed,
You longer long for me.
I still wonder how we stopped.
When we had just started.
Everytime you said "You're mine and forever I felt in lover over again.
I wanted to make memories with you
As long as we were together.
But nothing remain the same.

Was it that all nothing !?
I though you love me !
You muted everything
I wish I knew from the started.
I still remember when you said "don't forget me ever"
but you were the one who push me away.
We called it friends while we were obsessed with eachother.

I feel betrayed , was it that so easy to let me go ?
Was i not enough? I feel so unloved
You left me like i never had a reason to stay.

© elizavenuh