A New Dawn Springs Forth
Dedicated to upcoming Professor #Olayinka_Timothy on his birthday

Birthday comes once in a year
To your loved ones, you become dear
Throughout that day, you got no fear
Whatever happens, you need not care

Joy spreads in the air
A new song rings in the air
A new dawn births a new day
Congratulations to you on your day

Showers of prayers in torrent
Friends offers their best wishes
Showers of blessing in torrent
Serving all well-wishers scrumptious dishes

There's a birth day and a death day
Remember to tread carefully with caution
Nevertheless, make sure to enjoy this day
Reserved for you as your portion

365 days makes a whole year
366 days makes a leap year
Definitely, it's not an easy feat
To conquer the year without defeat

© Olayinka Timothy