I have an exceedingly colourful past
Mostly infant colours riffling by quite fast
Colourful does not always equate to bright
Colourfulness is not clear— not black and white

There were by and large days indistinctly grey
We all know grey's the hue that comes before fray
The hue all too equipt to lead one astray
Grey was quite an ageless colour either way

Grey days all seamlessly blended together
They came prepared— they brought cool foggy weather
You know the dim days that outlast forever?
Days that leave you feeling deep inner sever?

Speaking of sever, there were days I saw red
Ya— all those red days when I said what I said
Let's not act like I saw one single red hue
I saw ochre through carmine— crimson too true

Luckily the red days flew by like arrows
Or I might have been in need of a new nose
We all know how fighting off a red day goes
All know what can happen if vision narrows

Know if it narrows too far you may see black
Black will have you hiding— remote— in the back
Have you existing— in a sheer state of lack
Have you living out of a broken backpack

Black will leave you slain— a cold, hard, too-true fact
I'm pretty sure that's heavily research-backed
I'm passably sure they studied the black days
And the extended length of a black days phase

Just as they researched the day's hued powder blue
The days you require boxes of tissue
I had a whole slew of those pale blue days too
Crying myself a creek— I owned no canoe

With infant-hued days I've overpaid my dues
These days it's the brightest of colours I muse
Do you have a yellow day that I can use?
I'll pay you— won't just trade you for my old shoes

If you don't know yellow days, I'm not picky
An orange day does not sound way too tricky
Or a green— a green day sounds downright spiffy
I'd buy a green day off you in a jiffy

#colourfulworld #mylife #rhyme
© danie_af