Never Meant to Be
Did it start as a little spark or did it begin as a whole raging flame ?
Our hearts were on fire with bright dreams
And eyes filled with burning passion
So intense, so extraordinary weaving two souls at the seams.
We did everything within the small fraction of time
Like time wouldn't wait for us
And we had to rush to catch the train which would disappear in a hush.
We did everything that others would have taken years to do
And we forgot that us two together would form something unknown, an entity -new.
And then what we set ablaze consumed us whole,
Swollowed us like sea swallowing a ship which we thought wouldn't sink.
And maybe because we never knew how to stay afloat,
Swim in the ice cold water or
how to keep our heads up at the brink.
Alas, we gave up and allowed the waters to extinguish
And burn out that flame which kept us alive
Down we went, one trying and the other not so much
Our souls tore apart, just as quickly as they had been strung together.
Would it have been different if we had learnt how to find our way, navigating through the stars?
Would it have been different if we had together learnt how to fare the raging sea?
Or did we not learn at all, because deep down we thought that we were never meant to be ?

© NeethalSequeira