Halcyon Bay
Wiry reeds grow by the masses
Graves filled with facsists
A pond with transparent water
Sounds of mother natures daughter
Idyllic with perfect weather
Woodsman come near? Never
Halcyon bay is its own unique place
Where the unknown go and leave no trace
They sit and ponder their life to come
And they cover the exit when they are done
There’s no time zone in Halcyon bay
There’s no hours or counting of days
If you wish to count, count the lily pads
Sit on the woven swing to escape the fads
The pond is filled with visitors’ tears
They come to cry, the water never dries here
The aqua life is happy though
And enjoy the never ending water flow
So Halcyon bay is a good getaway
To get away from pounding rains
Did I mention you control the weather?
Pick a drizzle or sunny endeavor
Willow trees blow in the breeze
Vines crawl on fences next to the reeds
Cattails and flowers and a garden of herbs
Secrets lay here never to be heard
It’s majestic really the way it glitters
The ripples in the sun and crawling critters
Halcyon Bay is there when you need it
Don’t be afraid to go feel what you’re feeling

© Waiteing

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