The day I felt love...

We met in past and had a great bond,
But that was a different day, our connection was reborn,
The eyes, the face, the gesture all was same,
Still I was lost in all that game.

The air particles that day were all in rush,
Touching him and then to me was making me blush,
My heart beats were all set in rythmic dance,
And I was all busy in stealing his glance

The eyes that I watched used to feel same for years,
But that day they were deep like universe,
I wanted to dig more and more within them,
Curious to know what was so alluring in them

That day,
A complete different world was unfolded,
New senses and feeling were getting moulded,
All those things were new for my soul,
That was the day I felt the love

© mj3112