~A Boy So Lost~
A mind so full, so overwhelmed with thought
A boy so lost, unable to stop,
The world around him, moving so fast
His thoughts a blur, his mind so vast.

He tries to understand, to make sense of it all.
His doubts and fears, his hopes, his dreams,
A mind so full, with questions so deep.
His thoughts a maze, his path to keep.

He tries to find a way, to make peace with what he finds,
But the more he tries, the more he's lost.
A mind so tired, so heavy with thought.
His thoughts a puzzle, his mind so caught,

He longs for rest, for clarity, for meaning.
A boy so lost, a mind so pleading,
He hopes that one day, he'll find his way
His thoughts so full, his heart will stay the same.

© ~D.B~ All Rights Reserved