nothing that's mine
where's my sister I think she's gone
haven't seen my daughter in two years too long
like a broken record, playing the same song
the tears won't come anyways
they were all cried out in my. yesterday's
so here i sit, in the same old place
so far behind, all the time I let waste
no excuses, it's been way too hard
sometimes you win, sometimes you're just too far
to start over again,
time after time
my life passed me by
with nothing that's mine
except for the memories I keep in head
and a passion for life from a mother that's dead
this road is long, but I keep going
just walking along, not ever knowing
where I might be at the end of the line
and what sad stories I will leave behind
no matter what I will take the blame
hoping that my luck will change
so I will give my all, though there's not much left
carefully planning every step