My Saviour
You came into my life, I was on the verge
nothingness when felt, stubbly path we converged.
Hopeful you were, dreadful I was
cheerful I got, you were the cause.
"I'll save you from the dark, save you from the fright, from the unending attacks you get all day and night"
Those were the words, made me hopeful and light, light on my heart that smiled, alright.

Ready to give my life another chance, I tripped and twirled in your romance.
Like the waves that hit my feet carelessly, I fell in love with you hopelessly.
After all these years being together,
I still want you in my life forever.
Butterflies I felt in my belly when I saw you, they flutter each time still when I see you.
Knight in shining armor that's what you're, rescued me from monsters, and fought my war.

Imperfect are we, but we're meant to be
saving me from disaster, let them see you set me free.

© Ardra M