What is Love
In her heart, a story slowly unfurled,
A whirlwind of emotions in a quiet world.
Best friend's brother, a chance encounter,
She thought it was mere infatuation, no doubt her.

At first, just a glimpse, a fleeting glance,
Her heart skipped a beat, caught in a dance.
She brushed it aside, as a crush, perhaps,
But soon realized, it ran in deeper laps.

Days turned to weeks, her feelings grew,
A connection unspoken, yet felt, it's true.
She pondered, "Is this love?" in the still of the night,
A puzzle unsolved, in her heart's soft light.

She yearned for more, a smile, a hello,
His presence alone made her heart aglow.
But love's a complex, elusive terrain,
She couldn't define it, the pleasure, the pain.

Is it love if she dreams of his laughter?
Or is it love if it's happily ever after?
In her heart's quiet corners, a question arose,
Is what she feels love, as everyone knows?

Yet, even with doubt, her heart found a way,
To treasure each moment, come what may.
For in his presence, life was so sweet,
A feeling she couldn't ignore or delete.

In the end, love's definition is vague,
It's more than a crush, more than a plague.
It's a journey of discovery, thrilling and grand,
A mystery she'd solve, hand in hand.

So she embraced her feelings, so tender,
For best friend's brother, her secret surrender.
Whether it's love, infatuation, or something more,
In her heart, it was worth exploring, for sure.
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