‘Long time no see?’
Hearing the voice she turned around.
Gasping, she said 'Chris?'
Smirking and winking he replied, 'Celes?'

Feeling a bit of ‘Noticed’
She turned to leave.
Grasping her wrist he pulled her,
She crashed on him.

Looking up she starred into his ‘Chocolate brown’ orbs.
Looking down he found himself in her ‘Raven black’ orbs.

Both starred at each other.
Not only with eyes,
But they starred into their soul.
To find themselves in each other.

Gaining his mind back
He asked, ‘A cup of coffee?’
Dumbstruck by his question
She whispered a silent ‘yes’.

There goes their ‘first date’

They came to know each other
Feeling noticed by themselves in each other.

© Priscilla