a destiny of three's
maybe the fact I can't put
a new piece of literature down,
a beautiful work of poetry,
crafted by the incredible Nikita
Gill has enraptured myself,
enthralled within mythology;
be it by fate, destiny or
"plain coincidence..."

since earlier this week,
I saw, a whisper of the goddesses,
that arcane call, of sisterhood.
so much so, that I felt
completely compelled to compose
current thoughts immediately,
it reads as follows :

after a morning,
full of sunshine,
as I pull into the drive,
place car in the park.
i look upward

into what is most likely
a heavenless sky, above,
& the direction of the Sun.

like a child sees;

dragons and castles
and knights and royalty or
other versions of
their wildest dreams
and imagination,

as they lay on the earth

-in lush meadow, souls, roots,
hearts, all beating together;
as one -
or a freshly mowed back yard
allergens floating heavily in the sunlight-

I too,
see a picture in the clouds.

not so much a picture.
more like dual dimension,
much like the miraculous
multplicities; media magnified
you will witness in your living room

better yet,
thrice over; a multi- verse
created by your fingertips,
in a local electronics shop
[do those exist anymore?]

I saw two people,
that were clouds;
lovers, no less.
one an amazing and
ample, abundant azure
the other,
an intensified irridesensce,
shining, illuminating,
beams of bright white beryl.

as I watch them
up there in the sky,
the cosmos, overhead,
they're caressing
each other's faces
wiping the hair
off of her cheek
while she palms
down the back
of his head

almost too quickly
to even recognize,
a change in either
those images,
the she and the he,
come together,
becoming one.

chronically codependent
morphing, melting, merging,
melting, marriage
one into the other,
devouring, diminishing,
dissolving, destroying—

nay, create one another,
covering our tiny planet,
in overcast gloom—

granting a simple,
all- too- common,
dreary, pre-noon sky
the magical ability
to fortell what is to come,
a grim forshadowing,
as darkness begins to spread:
a disarming dimness deepens,
dramatically diminishing daylight.

I can feel it in my blood,
my heart, my bones,
my soul, my boys,
my lack of purpose,
of purpose thereof,
a bitter burning
bubbles as it boils
an affect caused
in response to:
existential enlightenment elixir.

© MamasMobocracyMusings