Rushing headlong towards an uncertain fate,
to change the world through words wrote articulate.
Looking for someone who might perhaps understand,
able to comprehend what's written by my hand.

Feeling as though from a different time and place,
outside of normal reality where there's no disgrace.
In believing love to be more precious than gold,
especially in winter when the air outside's cold.

Keeping you warm with it's ever present charity,
that when absent leaves the world without beauty.
Such are the conditions which our children endure,
as they grow into adulthood upon ground insecure.

Becoming voices of a generation trying to change,
the world in it's insanity that does seek to estrange.
Making people think there's no hope for tomorrow,
left without any direction not including sorrow.

Deciding that it's time for conditions to improve,
instead of remaining stuck in the same old groove.
Considering the possible solutions which exist,
Why do problems to this day continually persist?

© Renopoet