The Back Bencher's Heart ❤️
School days are memories
because of us....😌
We are the toppers of problems,
Teachers likes others
but loves us... 🤭
Our gang is our army of happiness
loves to roam round
but hate to study around😝

Stand in Awakened situations
but we are very well trained to
Escape from it🤩
due to thousands of practices....😏

Mimicking teachers voices and
their roles in front of the classroom
are our favourite...🥰
Tests are our bad luck
Exams are dreadful nightmares....😵

Creating problems and acting has heroes is our usual hobbies...😉

A Back Bench is not just a bench it's :😊🤪😜🤭
( as follows )

It's a kitchen when we are hungry...
It's a theater when we are bored...
It's a playground when are in mood...
It's a parliament when we are quested...
It's a battlefield for pen fight...
It's a love story when our crush passes...

Finally a comfortable bedroom to sleep😴😪😴😪

P.t peroid are a mini heavens in hells...
Comdey teachers are our Friend,😉
Strict teachers are our Comanders...🙄

When last day School comes
Every students thanks us
for creating their life
as mess but funny crazy..😂

Every students thank the teachers
but we thank the watchmen
who silently leaves us inside the school when we are always
those popular late comers....
he is a good watchmen😌

Not good in studies
but blasting and best in
Extra curriculars🥳

We have a one and onely true crush
and love on that only one person,
whom we love truly but for god sake 😮
everyone in our school and the whole universe knows that but🥺
Crush never ever notice it,
that's a tragic miracle
Okk it's ok ... (slight pain in heart...)🥺

We are very well watched by lab teachers because...😂

Enters into Physics lab Device broken... 🤪
Enters into Chemistry lab chemicals explosion... 😝
Enters into Biology lab
Duet with that lonely skeleton which was sleeping inside its coffin... 🥰
it's feels sad becoz there is no partner for it...😯
So we will help to fade it sorrows...
How gud peoples are backbenchers....
We respect feeling of beings...😅

Backbencher are really a good benchers who really care for everyone's happiness
we are born to create Happiness....😎

-by a tiny Backbencher 😎

The Conclusion:😍

Attention please!!!🤫

Back benchers are not Bad benchers
we are very good peoples...😃
we respect feelings of every heart and not the physicality...🤩
May, we not study but definitely a very respectable peoples😯
We have a huge love for our family and true friends....❤️
we will be ready to do whatever for the people we really care and love...😉
A backbencher's first love will always
their parents... 😍

Motto : 😎
Give Respect😎
Take Respect....😎

( Hi friends 🤩 this poem is a little lengthy....😅😅
becox my emotions overflows here...
I tried my best to short it...but this much I can short...)

Any backbenchers present...?😎
Front 😃or middle benchers 😉are our greatest support to be like this....😂
Thanks a lot...guys😁

© Niyana_cage ❄️