Beauty is an illusion!!...
In that era, I was pretty,
And got a news, that was witty.

Family confirmed my relation,
And that was the witty intimation.

I didn't wanna get married,
After marriage, our wills are buried.

But, mom convinced me to do so,
It wasn't my will though.

My fiance was a charming guy,
But, to break the relation..I won't try.

Everything was going well..till that day,
I was unaware, that I would perish..that way.

That day, I was full of enjoyment,
After all..it was my engagement.

Guests arrived at the venue,
My mouth watered..due to yummy menu.

Suddenly..an evil sigh befell,
That made my life, a hell.

My room caught fire,
But silently, enjoying the show..that liar.

He hadn't even strove, me to evade,
That fire made my pretty body fade.

I fainted, my senses were lost,
My family evade me..as they know my cost.

I was treated well,
Just wanna forget, what befell.

My whole body was burned,
From a pretty girl to lewd one..I turned.

He denied to marry me,
Cause he was the only partner of Glee.

Just because I have a burnt face..he left.
And that's more painful than theft.

But factually..he don't deserve me,
That's a boon, that I got.. how's he.

From that crowd..a man came,
Who too was unaware about my game.

He proposed me..to marry him..with a burnt face,
For me..that was nothing less than God's grace.

Factually I wasn't burnt at all,
When I removed bandages, shocked the whole.

I was just testing his affection,
It was worth watching..his reaction.

I rejected him..to be my soulmate,
The only thing I have for him..is hate.

Eventually, I would say..beauty is nothing...just an illusion,
Some day it would leave. you in seclusion!!...

First of all..thnx a million guys for spending your precious time here!!..
I hope you liked it...💖💖 Factually beauty is an illusion...what would that guy do...if his own face burnt??.... 🤷nothing na...we should think about it!!...🤔
Now Lemme know your views in the comments section!!...🤗🤗

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