somewhere lost in the shores
Somewhere lost in the shores where the whispers wane,
Where the sands tell stories and the waves refrain,
A place where the sky meets the sea in a haze,
And time folds softly in the twilight’s embrace.

Footprints fade with the tide's gentle kiss,
Echoes of laughter blend into the mist.
Shells lie scattered like secrets untold,
Each a fragment of dreams once bold.

The wind carries songs from forgotten realms,
Tales of sailors and sunken helms.
Stars awaken as the night unfurls,
Glimmers of hope in the ocean's swirls.

Moonlight dances on the crest of the waves,
Lighting the path for the restless and brave.
In this haven, where the heart finds its rest,
Wanderers discover what they seek in their quest.

Somewhere lost in the shores, shadows blend with the light,
Mysteries linger in the depths of the night.
Here, amid the whispers of the sea and the sky,
One finds solace, letting the old world die.
© deepanshu sharma
#deepanshu sharma