It's the middle of the night
Trying to get my sleep right
But what I'm getting is the big question of what dress do I wear tomorrow to church??
I know it's a lame question
But from someone who likes to be organized it's a big deal
However not as big as me thinking how grateful I am for my family
As I lay in my bed I say a prayer and thank God for my family.
I was born and raised in a loving home and not many do get that chance
And if by chance I happened to be from such a family I don't know how I would have turned out to be honest
To be honest no one knows how the kids will turn out
Which family will raise them
Or even if they will be able to bear kids
I know these are huge topics
So please bare with me as I bare my thoughts out
If they don't bear kids and they wanted to
And they went and adopted will the society judge them in the same manner they do when they're not able to have kids
Or even if it's their choice not to have kids
Let me just stop there as my thoughts are overwhelming and I need a good rest for tomorrow
Anyway it's just a night thought
© a_p_a_a_t