Our Friendship Bears Fruit
🍎Entwined in my bower🍎
🍏 my arms
your sanctuary 🍏
🍎branches of strength, a tower🍎
🍏 to give you
whatever you need🍏
🍎in the time of your darkest hour.🍎
🍏 I hope you grow in my proximity 🍏
🍎 fed by my light
and positivity 🍎
🍏 I hope you shine and fruit, 🍏
🍎 flower, take a firm root🍎
and thrive happily,
for your success
means all to me.
I feed you
with love,
I'll share
and care,
I'll be there
to rally you
as friends do
a. e. d
l. v. a
w. e. y
a. r.
y. y.

© .Garry Saunders