I am trying.
Trying to get better.
I promise I am not lying.
It’s just me trying to heal in my fav sweater.

Challenging my fear foods
and trying to eat with less guilt.
Trying that my weight no longer decides my moods,
but it takes time to built.

Step by step.
I have time to heal.
It takes time to accept
one day I‘ll love eating a meal.

Liking sport in school because it’s fun,
not because it’s a possibility to burn calories.
I promise with that shit I am done.
I am trying to recharge my batteries.

Not counting calories anymore
and not trying to starve myself.
It won’t be like before,
but I‘ll find my new self.

There probably will be relapses
but they don’t erase my successes.
Sadly they’re part of it before I can relax.
But one day I can wear all my favourite dresses.

© lisann