mental/rehab hospital
First, I remember the sorrow
Then the craving
for the outside world
Thinking about how I wished
I could’ve hung myself from the shower head
How time dragged on like the smoke from other patient’s cigarettes
taking away the freshness from the air
I’ll never forget the environment
How there were group therapies,
but it was better not to trust anyone
cause as much as a patient
could go inside the hospital
you could take the hospital
out of them
once they made it out
into the outside world again
I remember it felt like prison
each person with a different sentence
Some with more time or sentences
under their belt than others
Some patients wanting to leave
while others enjoyed their padded cell
I wondered what the outside world
would be like once I removed my shackles
No longer a prisoner of my own mind
And today I can say
That hell has shaped my paradise