Jesus christ
In Bethlehem's humble manger, born,
A savior, a king, on that blessed morn.
Jesus Christ, the light divine,
With grace and love, His path did shine.

With healing touch and words of peace,
He walked the earth, all strife to cease.
The blind could see, the lame could walk,
His miracles, like whispers, talked.

In Galilee, by the tranquil sea,
He spoke of love and eternity.
The multitudes, they gathered near,
To hear His voice, to feel Him near.

Yet on a cross, He bore our sin,
A sacrifice, to cleanse within.
With thorns upon His sacred brow,
He faced the pain, He took our vow.

But death could not confine His grace,
For on the third day, He showed His face.
Risen, triumphant, from the grave,
He came to seek, to heal, to save.

So let us sing, with hearts aglow,
Of Jesus Christ, who loves us so.
His name, a beacon, ever bright,
Guiding us through darkest night.