Pain of yesterdays
I long to turn back time,
go back to a time and place
where happiness was mine.
I'm tired of living dead.
I've struggled for so long.
Where every day's another day
I have to just be strong.
I want to wave a magick wand
to bring back those I've lost.
See them more than just in dreams.
As tears fall from the memories
of everything that's gone.
I know that I didn't sign up for this
before drawing my first breath.
But fuck, it isn't easy
yo live with so much pain.
Some taken to the Other Side
and others that still breathe,
but ate dead as can be,
both of them are final,
and for them both I cry.
I wish that I could cast a spell
to take me back in time
where I smiled in the mirror.
But I guess I'll just keep wishing
as I tell myself to breathe.
One breath after another
until I lay me down to sleep.
Praying I'll dream easy
until it's time to wake.
Just another day to breathe through,
The pain of yesterday.
© kristy ellison flake