Brandy & Petey| A Perfect Tail🐕
Brandy and Petey, a duo so sweet

Their love is a bond that's hard to beat

Petey, her pooch, has stolen her heart

Together they make the perfect pair, never to part

Brandy and Petey, they walk every day

Exploring the world in their own special way

Their love knows no bounds, it's plain to see

As they wander the world, just Brandy and Petey

Petey, her pup, is more than a friend

He's with her both through thick and thin

He's loyal and kind, through and through

Everything Brandy wants and more, too

Brandy and Petey, they're quite the sight

As they roam through the fields, in the morning light

With a wag of his tail and a lick of her face

Petey has Brandy's heart, this is their place

Brandy's love for Petey can't be measured

Their bond is one that will last forever

Petey is the love of her life, it's plain to see

As they walk hand in paw, just Brandy and Petey.

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