In the depths of the mind,
Where thoughts and emotions entwine,
Lies a disorder that can be unkind,
Affecting one's personality, undefined.

It twists and turns like a snake,
Making one's thoughts hard to shake,
Affecting how they behave and relate,
To the world, in a way that's fake.

Borderline, histrionic, or narcissistic,
Personality disorders can be simplistic,
Or complex, with symptoms so cryptic,
That it's hard to diagnose and predict.

But those who suffer from this plight,
Need not give up without a fight,
With therapy, support, and insight,
They can conquer their inner fright.

For every disorder has a cure,
And with time, patience, and more,
One can learn to live and endure,
A life that's whole, and secure.

So if you're struggling with a disorder,
Don't let it define you, or make you a hoarder,
Of negative thoughts, or feelings that border,
On the edge of sanity, and order.

Reach out for help, and take control,
Of your life, and your inner soul,
For in the end, it's your own goal,
To live a life that's full, and whole.
That's what it means to have freewill...
© Rosely1998