Dear boy-man
Thank you for lying to me,thank you for your fake love, I really much thank you for taking my heart into your hands and crash it to pieces. 😭

Dear boy-man I never thought love could be this painful, I never thought love was a battle field, but thanks for teaching me a lesson I will never forget.

My love for you was endless, unconditional, plenty and uncountable, it was endless as water in the sea. My love for you was real. But instead of loving me back boy you Ignored me and left me heart broken.

To hell you go you Demon-Devil you will burn for bringing pain in my life I swear😭.

I still love you so much to curse you, but Hey boy your love potion ain't working on me no more, I'm getting over you.

I am sick of waiting for nothing, I'm tired of listening to your lies from your mouth out your irresistible lips accompanied by your sexy deep voice😆😭

But to hell with your seductive self. I hate you Boy-man, I hate you as much as I loved you. you ruined my life,you never did love me . I was stupid believing you love me. 😢

Being with you was tough, It only brought sadness in my life, I hate you, I love you,I don't really know but I can't get you off my mind, I love you but I must get over you for your Love is poison and if I stay it will kill me.

Bye, Bye Boy-man.

By:Bongiwe Deedee Dube