Echoes Of Affection...Mother's Day Special
In every hug,in every smile,
A mother's love shines so bright.
She is my goddess she is my christ,
She is a superwoman ,who sets every moment alright.
She is the melody of my heart,
The strength in my soul,
Mother ,without you i will always be incomplete
You make me complete you make me whole.
From sleepless nights to guiding lights,
A mother',s love endures,
For all my pains,wounds and bruises,
My mother is my only cure.
Her touch a healing balm,
Her words,a guiding compass,
In the rocky terrain of the world,
She is a patch of velvet grass.
In her embrace i find solace,
In her wisdom i find hope,
I am climbing my way to success,
My mother is my supporting rope.
Like a gentle breeze,her love whispers through time,
Her voice in my life is like a wind chime.
In her eyes i see the universe,in her embrace,i find home,
Vastness of her love and care can not be explained in one poem.
She paints my life with shades of love,
Each stroke a masterpiece,
I salute you o mother i bend on my knees.
Her love a symphony of sacrifice,
Her heart an endless well,
I don't want this world as you are my comfort shell.
Through trials and triumphs her love remains steadfast,
Just a single mother's will never be enough,
For admiring a mother,
Its not an easy task.
Love you mom🥰
© Haniya kaur