"Men don't cry"
"Men don't cry"
Yes they do
I've seen it, after all, they're human too
But how come society treats them different?

No one cares if a woman talks to a young boy
But if a man talks to a young girl, he's suddenly hated by all of illinois
If a woman gets sexually assaulted, she's deplorable
If a man gets sexually assaulted, he's weak and horrible

If a man catcalls a woman, it's sexual harrassment
If a woman catcalls a man, she's sexy and adamant
When a woman cries, people empathize
When a man cries, people roll their eyes

But men have feelings too
They've just been taught to push them down
I think we should stop that, don't you?

#sexism #equality #rape #sa #csa
© Oku