Rare In My Lair
You got one shot,
Life ain't fair,
Are you gonna win or you play scared?
I will not stop,
Cuz i am prepared,
To get to the top you must be rare,
Life ain't fair,
Everyone is looking out for themselves,
Just have a chocolate everything is gonna be at your humble,
Reach the sky as it won't tumble,
The people are scared to be without someone's humble,
These people are sheeps they just wanna bumble,
Cross your fingers cause the good will befall jsut like a million volt thunder,
Scar tissues are just preventive,
But a open wound looks more interesting,
As you can see my blood and veins pumping like no normal,
Yes i am abnormal my brains are wired in a tungsten full of desires,
Light it up you will see a fire,
Cause no noble element can contain this desires,
Have a seat in my choir,
Light up the candles cause the cross has seen many of you cowards,
Just don't wish you can equate in my lair.

© Shafi