a Crumbled heart
Aprils...yes i don't like them
Or maybe I liked them before
Someone left making my heart heavy
A day before this
I never knew this would be the
Last day with that one
Cuz if i knew i would have talked the whole night
Opening the core of my heart
Or atleast i would be able to
Say a last goodbye
But unfortunately goodbyes weren't meant for me
He left like he came
Those 4 years would be an unforgettable memory
Something that I can't let go of my brain
I can't forget how we used to laugh
And how he used to call me stupid
Which I liked the most
But maybe i was really a stupid
Stupid silly person
Who can't let someone go
Just because im attached to them
He left like dry leaves
Making my heart crumble
With pain
© ~muskan