Forrest Vibe
Escape from cities,
Country life is worth living,
You can see the stars.

Reception is not,
Deep down in the pine forrest,
Radio's turned on.

Sitting beneath trees,
Listen mindfully, the breeze.
The sky look so bright.

Birds chirp flying low,
A butterfly floating near,
Close my eyes to dream.

Walking along streams,
Waterfalls gushing off the cliffs,
Its just majestic.

Hidden here, a cave,
Crawling into the tight space,
I find some treasure.

Jump off the cliff edge,
Into the blue billabong,
I'm swimming naked.

An eagle flying,
Gliding past the sun it soars,
I smile at such bliss.

Time to leave I drive,
Back through bushes to the road,
I see some people.

I'll go back each month,
Revitalise and relax,
Mindfulness training.

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