When the Chips are Down
All eyes are on you, hoping you'll tuck your tail and fail
Remember, the smiles they hide behind, you'll never know what's on their mind
you can either be brave or hide,
You decide which is right, but your empty passion won't satisfy
So stay on the track without looking back, not before you cross the finish line
Ignore the rumors on the corner, they will soon be denied
Because in the fields amongst the branches
Somewhere, out there,
Some will try to talk you out of chasing your goals; not because they think you’ll fail,
But because they are afraid you might really succeed
All the friends who said you can't, are the same as the
enemies who vow to see you fail
But when you are up in life your friends near and far, get to know just who you are
And when you are down in life you get to know who your real friends are,
They're the ones who will be with you to the very end
Cause, some friends are foes, some friends are goals
Thicker than blood, your souls exposed
Some friends are frauds, waiting to see you fall so that they can all applause
You'll know your friends when the rain falls on you, and you're left to drown in misery
The ones who are never around, and always out of reach
Adding insult to injury
It's when the chips are down, with your back against the wall
And you're feeling all alone, with no-one to answer your call
That's when you've got to be honest with yourself
because you don't know who's really your friend
Funny how some roads can lead, way from all the ones you need
But just when you think the road is leading you nowhere
And it seems like all your dreams have come undone
Thats when you'll realised you are more than what you are, you are whole and you're one
With every flaw and every need well and truly understand
Maybe it's time for a change of pace in another direction
With the knowledge that what doesn't kill, will make you strong
And what deceives, the eyes will soon clarifies
Cause a dream alive will never die
Who falls the most will rise the highest
And what seems perfect is most flawed
Those who've fallen will find their heaven
even if it takes a little while to learn
But on both sides of the border, you'll find many friends and foes nobody knows
This is something you must understand
Some may reach out for hand
Others will have their sword already drawn
But some friends will become enemies, some friends will become your family
There're friends for life, even acquaintances
Some friends are cursed with a malicious mind
With no regards for consequences
So beware of false friends, they're worst than bitter enemies.!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo