My dark cloud
A dark cloud descends with a heavy weight,
like the world, pressing down.
The sky turns grey,
and my mind goes quiet.
All sounds, muffled,
so no words can be found.
The world spins and turns,
but the cloud follows.
Slow and heavy,
always there,
waiting for it to go.
But it refuses to fade,
it's there to stay,
till the sun rises again,
to chase away the endless night.
The sun rises, but the cloud remains,
as if the darkness is a part of me.
The world continues on,
as if there's no cloud to be seen.
But I feel it,
and it fills me with dread.
It's always there,
a part of my life.
The sun and the moon,
the cycle of time,
but the dark cloud stays,
refusing to go away.
Forever a shadow,
that follows where I go
This feeling that fills me with despair,
and no one can repair
the pain that is left inside.

© Nate's Pen Still Works