The ups and down of freindship
Nostalgia whispers secrets of our past,
SS3 memories linger, forever to last.
Laughter echoes, as we delved into books,
Dr. AY challenges, our youthful spirits hooked.

In JSS3 class, our bond took flight,
Together we navigated, day and night.
Your room, a sanctuary, where hearts could share,
The cafeteria, a stage, where our stories unfolded with care.

But amidst the joy, a poignant truth remains,
Moments of embarrassment, and pain's sharp stings.
You told me to "fly my hand," a phrase so unkind,
Shouted at me, and left my heart and soul entwined.

Treated like a ghost, invisible and unseen,
My cries ignored, a sorrowful heart, forlorn and lean.
Yet, time has healed the wounds, and we've made amends,
Grateful for the journey, and the friendship that transcends.

Though memories of hurt and shame still linger near,
Our bond has grown, and we've learned to hold dear.
The laughter and love, we once shared with glee,
Treasured memories, that forever will be.

And I'm thankful for you, and the memories we've made,
For the good times, and the bad, that have helped us grow and sway.
In the tapestry of life, our friendship will forever stay
© Zhara