Pride Goeth Before The Fall
Poor communities exploiting each other
through drugs and prostitution.
This is not the solution.
Meanwhile, they hate on the rich.
Ironic that through their exploitations,
They strive to achieve the same goals...
Being wealth and power - the very things
they hate.

Yet true power lies in one voice.
The keepers of the system know this, as
they design and manufacture more ways
to keep the people divided and fighting
amongst themselves.
If poor communities were to band together
and demand justice and true equality for all,
The world powers would fall.
There is almost 8 Billion people on the planet,
which, 96% of are controlled by the very system they serve.
Chinese synthetic drugs poor into a country purposely being destroyed from the inside out, just as the American people were warned by the
very architects of a system soon corrupted.
Open borders, drug cartels, human trafficking
and exploitation of a Fiat monetary system will
be the end to this once proud country.
Which reminds me...

Pride goeth before the fall!
© Michael W. Taylor