Crowning Queen's
She’s a diamond, female Lion. Smarter than your average, ill ma bad shit. I’m not talking appearance but her inner spirit. Ora strong, you can feel it, just like a banana, behind the exterior, she 1K. Her intellects deep, now I’m in space. It’s always rough when you are making boss plays. The Devil see you grinding, I say there will be better days. Gone head, coach your team, making ways to build your dreams. Knowledge is apprised, No crackles on your brain. You can’t be tamed. If I had a vote, I’d vote QUEEN. So inevitable to the Love we call, Old Love. Seen back in the simple good old’ days, times I would say are classical. I must and will, say we are the first to trend a new legendary form of loyalty. My heart beats your name. My mind obsessively craves your make up of your body’s molecular structure. Life would say it’s a gene of existence. You’re the air I breathe, your face is in comparison to the earth’s atmosphere, needed to breathe on this planet earth, that is surrounded by many other galaxies I view as your every mood and personality. I will explore and conquer, also keep all that you are seen as protected. I will worship it all like how religion is worship to the gods.