What stops me? This is a question I tend to ask myself often no matter what its about I always end up asking myself whats stopping me. Whats stopping me from reaching and obtaining all I can and Ive recently came to an conclusion its because I am frozen. What do I mean by frozen? I mean I am so stuck on getting out of the iceberg in a straight path instead of slowly chiseling my way out. I believe this is the case for many people many of us go around spending so much of our time focused on doing one thing we dont ever slow down and make time to expand out and see what else is out there in the iceberg instead we strike and strike and strike until eventually the entire ice berg shatters and your just left with your cold body and shards of unexplored ice and even tho you tried so hard to get out of the iceberg in the end you may be out of the iceberg but as you try to go and go through the mountain top you still end up frozen once more.
© Joshua Parks