Invisible wounds: Single mom
Dedicated to,
every single mom with love + respect 💕

In her quiet room, tears fall without a sound, 
an unseen pain wraps her heart around.
Snapshots of struggle, hidden from the view,
Yet for her children, she endures and stays true.

Her heart, a rhythm, beats for their sake,
Each pulse, a promise, no challenge will break.
In the shadows, she contemplates giving in,
But the thought of her children shields her from sin.

The burden she carries, heavy and deep,
A mother's promises, her soul does keep.
In solitude, she contemplates defeat,
But the echoes of her children's laughter repeat.

A facade of strength, a visage so bold,
Yet beneath the surface, a tale untold.
A heart, shattered and worn,
Her resilience, a lullaby to the forlorn.

Broken inside, yet standing so tall,
She's a fortress of love, ready to enthrall.
Scars tell stories, wounds carve her art,
Her backbone of steel, a mother's strong heart.

For in her struggle, a life of pain,
Yet through each tear, love remains.
A mother's love, an artistry of grace,
In her silent battles, a tear-streaked embrace.

© Aboorva