You Looking for me
You're looking for me,
But I don't even know you,
Is there something I've done,
To make you so mad and blue?
I'm sorry if I've hurt you,
But I can't recall,
Our paths never crossed,
So why do you call?
You say I'm married,
But I don't understand,
How that relates to you,
And this angry demand.
I'm trying to make it make sense,
But it just doesn't add up,
Why you're so upset,
And why I'm the one you're looking for.
Perhaps there's a mistake,
And you've got the wrong person,
But if there's something I can do,
I'm willing to listen.
I don't want any drama,
Or unnecessary strife,
So let's talk it out,
And clear up this confusion of life.
I never meant to cause harm,
And I don't want enemies,
So please tell me what's wrong,
And let's find some peace.
Maybe we can find a resolution,
And put this behind,
Forgiveness is key,
In learning to be kind.
So you're looking for me,
And now we've met,
But let's move forward,
With no resentment or regret.
© cynfully

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